Bolga-Bawku Road Diversion In Terrible State

There is currently a disturbing development on the construction of the Bolgatanga-Bawku road.

The diversions that were created to aid vehicular traffic and to make way for smooth construction work have done more harm than good to motorists and commuters. The road is now in a very deplorable state.

On rainy days, it becomes so muddy that vehicles get stuck there for weeks.

The road users and residents around the diversion are getting frustrated by the day. Motorists and vehicles, especially the heavy vehicles that ply the diverted Bolgatanga-Bawku road, are now compelled to divert from Zebilla which is about 9km to Kukore and link up at Tilli before heading to Bolga due to the ongoing construction.

The areas that pose the most challenge to users are Tilli to Zebilla and Saaka to Sapeliga junction. The worrying aspect, motorists say, is that the contractor does not seem to bother about the plight of the affected people.

Sule, a driver, says quite a good number of cars get stuck on a daily basis and on each occasion efforts to get the contractor’s help has always proven unsuccessful.

He adds that even when stranded drivers ask to use the construction equipment to pull out their cars from the mud, they are denied.

Meanwhile, residents and commuters are appealing to members of Parliament in the Kusaug area and other senior members in the district assemblies to act as a matter of urgency to intervene by making the contractor resurface the diverted portions to salvage the situation.

According to residents, if immediate actions are not taken, the stretch from Zebilla to Kukore will equally be rendered inaccessible since all the heavy trucks now ply that route.

The Bolgatanga-Bawku road project was awarded to Queiroz Galvao Construction by the erstwhile John Mahama administration.

Though residents are happy that the road is finally under construction, there are still doubts if the road will be asphalted.