The LPG Distribution Brouhaha – Character Assassination Must Cease!!!

It has come to my notice that some honest but uninformed people are yet making the same mistake of falling into the trap of NDC planted propagandists. Sometimes, it is quite obfuscating to imagine that learned people and sensible friends may stray wayward, far away from the path of due diligence and unassuming mannerisms that are necessary in probing issues that are non-starters to begin with.

Recently, the NPA, including its CEO, were under attack due to confusion over the LPG policy that has taken a wrong turn with misrepresentations, misinterpretations, transpositional, and inexplicable errors. I find it circumspect on my behalf, and on that of all the good members, sympathisers, opinion leaders of our great elephant party, the NPP, and, indeed, the whole nation to pen what I know about this issue.

To begin with, nobody has been awarded any contract to do cylinder recirculation in the country at all, let alone to say that Ibrahim Mahama and his charlatans are behind the whole deal. By GOD, I will move the whole judiciary to stop him if he were ever considered. That is not to say that I am against anyone benefitting; no! It is a matter of principle that those who had attempted to dupe the State and succeeded to a large extent until the Akufo-Addo government came into being, must be discontinued from such enterprising endeavours until they can come back to Ghanaians to say that they have had a change in their intrinsic genes of thievery.

This LPG redistribution policy is still in draft form yet taking inputs to better propose the regulation of gas distribution in the country to further save precious Ghanaians lives. The recent explosions and avoidable permanent damages suffered innocent people caused by law flouters and inconsiderate civil servants who by virtue of NDC shambolism issued licences to individuals and companies to set up in the midst of populous neighbourhoods must be circumvented. What is so wrong about that?

Besides, this is a Ministry of Energy initiative with the mandate placed in the court of the NPA, so where has the CEO wronged or offended the chatterers? Some of our vanguards in the fight for change have made the ultimate mistake of throwing mud at the very home they dwell within - the NPP home!

I would wish that social media activists, friends, and comrades alike, apply reason, circumspect, and prudent analysis such that they do not warp the facts to sound distasteful. For the life of me, I wouldn’t be caught dead, flogging my own in the open. But some unscrupulous communicators and their cohorts wanting favours that are not coming may well be behind such criminal acts of spewing in public falsehood and vindictive diction.

Just seek appropriate explanation to issues in order not to make governing our difficult country a laborious one. After all, do not forget that the lame horse minority NDC and their toothless parliamentarians have resolved to make Ghana ungovernable under His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. Truth be said, a slap from one’s own brother is more painful and spiteful that the sledgehammer strike of the enemy.

My brothers and sisters, maintain that as a rule of thumb.

GOD bless Ghana and make our nation great and strong (again)!