Airtel Ghana Leads In Innovative Use Of Social Media

Airtel Ghana, the Smartphone Network, continues to demonstrate leadership and innovation in the use of Social Media to engage with customers and relevant stakeholders. At the Ghana ICT and Telecom Awards (GITTA) held recently, the Smartphone Network was presented with the “Most Innovative use of Social Media” Award, for the second consecutive year, in recognition of the company’s dexterity at using Social Media to engage with customers.

The Awards recognises Airtel Ghana for effectively using social media to provide relevant content that inspires and connects with customers and followers, as well as for adopting a proactive strategy to engage and respond to queries and customer complaints in a timely manner.

This recognition is however not new to a company that has led the industry in driving innovation – pushing the boundaries in product and services innovation across different products and customer segments.  For example, Airtel Ghana was the first telecom provider in Ghana to launch free Facebook and for zero-rating over 40 sites to promote digital inclusion.

Within a few months after launching free Facebook, Airtel introduced a first to market innovation – Bundles on Facebook – to enable customers purchase data bundles on Facebook in real time. So instead of customers looking for agents to buy a recharge card and subsequently bundling data packages, customers have the convenience to purchase bundles right on Facebook with a click of a button.

Such innovations have driven data uptake for the Smartphone Network with more than 60% of the entire customer base using data services. By effectively innovating product and services around Social Media and supporting this with a deliberate engagement strategy that enables the Smartphone Network to extend its reach to customers – to engage, respond to queries and inspire customers to action, it is no wonder that the company continues to lead on the use of Social Media to engage customers and to drive real commercial value.

Over the last two years, Airtel Ghana has dominated the Social Media space – from the way the company engages customers to its influence on the platform. In late 2015, Airtel Ghana emerged as the Most Influential telecommunications company on Social Media in a rankings released by the Ghana Social Media Rankings (GSMR).

The comprehensive annual rankings measures a company or brand’s social media engagement, post reach, mentions and activations across key social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Airtel Ghana clearly led the telecommunications industry across the various channels.

Last year, Airtel maintained its position as one of the two most Influential telecom companies on Social media missing the first slot with the slimmest of margins.

 On multiple occasions, Airtel Ghana has been recognised as the most Socially Devoted brand by Socialbakers – a global Social Media analytics firm which monitors over 8 million social profiles across all the major Social Media platforms of companies on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ and VK to set a benchmark for response times and response rates to questions from fans and customers of multiple companies.  Airtel Ghana has consistently led with over 90% response rates across different platforms.

Airtel Ghana continues to demonstrate the real value in driving meaningful engagements on Social Media with the plethora of awards and visible results from such engagements – from product campaigns to customer complaint handling and resolution.