New Owner Of UT Bank To Review Lending Rates Downwards

The GCB Bank will review its lending rates downwards to the level of its existing corporate clients for the benefit of the corporate customers of the ex-UT and Capital Bank.

The Bank assured the ex-UT and Capital Bank customers to access a bigger platform with over 200 branches of which would be fully networked as part of the six-month programme of integration.

Managing Director of GCB Bank, Mr. Ray Sowah, speaking at the Bank’s Corporate Breakfast meeting in Accra, said this provided a wider scope to operate from than previously.The Breakfast meeting was to share with corporate customers of the defunct UT and Capital Bank the future directions of the Bank and build a lasting mutual relationship with them.

He said the Bank had the capacity, resources, and network to support their businesses and it was these that have made GCB such a resilient institution.

He said the decision to assume the management of the two institutions was taken seriously to grow the brand and create the environment for their businesses to thrive.Mr. Sowah said the right balance sheet to support big transactions and large ticket deals that they would appreciate, adding that “it means GCB Bank has the capacity to offer the customer a one-stop solution to their banking needs rather than dealing with different banks”.

He assured customers of the Bank’s robust e-banking and other payment platforms such as internet banking solutions, cash solutions, trade payment solutions and mobile banking solutions among others.

The MD said the passion to grow local businesses was ingrained in the procedures and practices of the Bank and in nurturing these businesses, the key value was building relationships.

“There are several known Ghanaian brands nurtured by GCB through strong relationship,” he added.

He said it was his ambition to bring back that passion into the way in which GCB manages the local entrepreneur space in the country and that the Bank has embarked on a campaign to win, nurture and support and grow Ghanaian businesses to enhance the national economy.

Mr. Sam Sarpong, the Chief Operating Officer, GCB Bank, presenting the State of Affairs of the Bank said they were particular about who their customers deal with and therefore, were reviewing the staffing levels of the institutions to better serve them effectively.He assured customers that the GCB Bank would not engage in any activity that would disrupt businesses but rather build a long term, stable, sustainable and a profitable business to meet customer’s needs.

The GCB is currently trying to understand the business operations of the two former financial institutions and they are doing this in collaboration with GCB staff, the staff of ex-UT and Capital Banks to enable them to provide services to customers.

Mr. Sarpong said the GCB Bank may take good products from the ex-UT and Capital Banks and merge them into what they offer.

“This is to ensure that at the end of the day we have the best products available to our customers,” he added.

The Chief Operating Officer, therefore, urged businesses to trust GCB because they have an excellent data centre to support the transactions they would undertake to provide the services.

“We are looking forward to partnering with you and we want to assure you of continuous services of GCB,” he said.