What Happened To NDC’s Heroes Fund?

In the words of Martin Luther King Jr., “We must learn to live together as brothers, or we will perish together as fools.”

It was a novelty designed to bring to an end, the hardship individuals go through after sacrificing the better part of their lives in service to a political party.

Heroes are not recognized and appreciated in Ghana. The only time we tend to celebrate them is when they are dead and gone.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC), got ahead of the country and for the first time, also ahead of the New Patriotic Party, when the party launched ‘heroes fund’.

The initiative, according to the party is to assist supporters and loyalists who have encountered misfortunes, incapacitations or other forms of deprivations in the course of their service to the party.

The fund which was launched in 2011 and registered as a non-governmental organization is to be governed by a seven member board of trustees.

The questions surrounding the management of the fund, like the one established to take care of the media and yet nothing was heard of it, has become necessary, arising out of the cry of neglect by ace musician and the composer of the NDC anthem, Jewel Ackah.

Jewel Ackah, was not abandoned by members of the National Democratic Congress. Individual members of the party, have on various occasions come to the aid of the musician, including the former president, John Dramani Mahama.

The facts of his neglect must be well established, before someone will attempt to tie individual members of the party with the same broom.

The NDC, as a party, does not pay its debt. Anytime the party losses election, the reason for the loss is not far-fetched. The party always postpones its debt and what is annoying is that, the party buys friendship.

I was surprised when I heard the party was launching the heroes’ fund. I said to myself, at long last someone, has recognized the Achilles Heels of the party.

After the launch, the seven member board of trustees, were only unveiled to party members and then they went to sleep, as nothing have been heard of their activities.

The story of Jewel Ackah, is a sad one. This man has never absented himself from the progammes of the party. His loyalty is never in doubt. His voice will remain with the party long after he is dead and gone, because at every function, when the anthem of the party is played and sang, it will be his voice.

If anyone deserves a hero’s handshake it is Jewel Ackah. Family and friends, must not make fun of him, because he chose to support the NDC, instead of the NPP.

He acknowledged the support of the former president, John Dramani Mahama, whatever he did, was in furtherance of the party, but as long as the party, has set up a fund to take care of people like Jewel Ackah, it begs the question, what has become of the fund?

How much have so far accrued to the fund and who and who, have benefited from the fund. This is a question every member of the National Democratic Congress, wants answers to.

If the likes of Jewel Ackah, are left to their fate in their hour of need, I wonder what fate awaits the ordinary members of the party, who do not have a voice.

The NDC is notoriously known for abandoning its members, sacrificing members, this is not a good attribute for a political party that have had the benefit of governing the country for 16 years in the Fourth Republican dispensation.

The party’s reward system must be apt, individuals and groups, who have sacrificed for the party, must know that, when they die in the service of the party, the family they will leave behind, will be well catered for.

The story of Jewel Ackah is not in isolation, Vincent Assiseh, who was the former propaganda secretary of the party died and not a single executive graced his funeral.

How soon, has the party forgotten about Prof. John Evans Atta Mills, who won power for the party, after crocodile tears were shed for him, no sooner had he been buried than the party forgot about him.

When he passed on, the party which was in power attempted to name everything after him, five years down the line and even his anniversary has been left to few people, who still hold the man dear.

The notoriety that has characterized the party is not motivation for those contemplating joining the party. We either go to church or mosque, because of reward. We do that hopping that, when we die, we will go to heaven.

Reward systems are very important to get people committed. The day as human beings, we will wake up to hear that, there is nothing like heaven that is the day, we will all stop praying.

The NDC is a mass movement with a lot of appeal, the party’s chances of winning elections in the near future is, largely dependent on the fact that, all those who will put their lives down for the party, will be generously rewarded or that when they are incapacitated the party, will be there to lend a helping hand.

Jewel Ackah, deserves better than what he has received. The party chairman, Kofi Portuphy, must rally his men to go to the man’s aid.