SSNIT Board Meets Over IT Manager Dismissal Today

Board Members of SSNIT will meet today, August 30, to give approval for the Company’s IT Manager to be sacked for faking the Ph.D. which he used to gain employment there.

Caleb Afaglo’s act has been in the news since Monday when it emerged that he presented falsified qualifications to secure the high-level position at SSNIT.

The incident has triggered discussions about the scrutiny which goes into recruitments in public institutions.

Meanwhile, Mr. Afaglo in an exclusive interaction with Starr News has disputed claims that the certificates he presented were fake.

Commenting on the matter, Labour Consultant Austin Gamey said it will be improper and unjust to sack Afaglo alone. Austin Gamey says all Managers and Directors who played a role in his recruitment must be equally sacked.

Meanwhile, the Economic and Organized Crime Office on Tuesday raided the office of Perfect Business Systems, the IT firm that was contracted by SSNIT to install the now controversial $72 million software.