Soldier Allegedly Stabs Boy Over Phone In Kasoa

A yet to be identified soldier has allegedly murdered an innocent boy at Kasoa in the Central Region on Friday 1st September 2017.

Information gathered by that the boy who has been identified as Nana Owusu was murdered by the soldier following a heated argument between the two.

In a Facebook post, a sister of the brother with the name Cilla Afrifa narrated that on Friday during the celebrations of the Eid-ul-Fitr festival, three men in military uniform approached and asked search the deceased and his friends who were having fun in the Kasoa vicinity.

The three soldier men searched the deceased after which they demanded his phone.

The refusal by the deceased to hand over his phone to the military personnel resulted in a serious verbal exchange.

The soldier man having lost his temper stabbed Nana Owusu who died on the spot.

The youth in the area caught and reported the alleged killer to the Kasoa police

She bitterly wrote:

“My big brother Nana Yaw Owusu was called by his Muslim friends this salah to come and eat with them at Kasoa high tension, so he dressed up and left the house to go and eat with his friends.

They were all eating by the roadside when they were approached by 3 guys in military uniform saying they want to search them all and they allowed them to do their work, after searching them, nothing was found on them and one of the soldiers asked my brother to give him his phone and brother refused to give it to him.

This soldier still wanted to take his phone but my brother resisted which got the soldier angry and the next thing was the soldier’s knife to my brother’s neck and his stomach stabbing him to death over the phone that did not belong to this soldier.

Now my brother is dead and gone and we got to find out that yes this guy is a turn soldier but was on leave meaning he was not supposed to even wear the uniform but he was a thief in uniform. His family is pleading for mercy now but my family and I want justice for my brother.#JUSTICEFORNANAOWUSU.