NDC Does Not Respect The Relevance Of Communication – Solomon Nkansah

Communications Director of the opposition National Democratic Congress [NDC], Solomon Nkansah, has said his reason to contest the National Organizer position of the party is to make it more attractive.

According to him the NDC as a party does not respect the relevance of communication hence the powerful person in the party is the Organizer.

“The state of the party now calls for a very vibrant and powerful Organizer who affectionately liaises with the youth, children and women through communication front to keep the party in shape,” he said.

In an interview with Kasapa FM, he indicated “The New Patriotic Party [NPP] since the formation of Media Foundation for West Africa [MFWA] in February, 2010 has always been first in speaking bad languages, yet the average Ghanaian listener believes and refers to the NDC as such because they have a very good communication counselor who guides them to overshadow reports of that nature. Yet the NDC carries the load even though it is not ours, because we don’t have the good communication skills to help us do that.”

According to him, the NDC party in moving forward must get very positive officials who would have to advice communicators of the party not to comment on needless discussions in public, be it political or environmental to save the party’s name.