PPP Jabs NPP Over Independent Prosecutor

Progressive People’s Party PPP) has refuted claims by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament for Nhyiaeso that the former’s policy position on setting up an Independent Prosecutor is the same as the latter’s proposal to set up the Special Prosecutor’s Office.

This, according to the PPP, was far from the truth.

“Our attention has been drawn to comments made by the NPP MP for Nhyiaeso in the Ashanti Region, Hon. Kennedy Kwasi Kankam on Peace Fm on 4th September 2017 to the effect that the PPPs policy position on setting up an Independent Prosecutor is the same as the NPPs proposal to set up the Special Prosecutor’s office,” a statement issued by PPP Communications Director, Paa Kow Ackon, in Accra yesterday stated.

According to the statement, what the PPP promised to Ghanaians was completely different from what the governing NPP was planning to implement.

“Many Ghanaians are aware that the PPP has linked its existence to leading a crusade for the implementation of critical reforms such as election of MMDCEs, free but compulsory education from Kindergarten to Senior High Senior, separation of the Attorney General from the Minister of Justice, and separation of the Executive from the Judiciary,” the statement stated.

It expressed PPP’s happiness about what it described as “vivid and concrete expressions” by the NPP and the government to implement aspects of PPP’s own policy visions and acknowledged it as a good start.

“However, we are not sure how the proposed Special Prosecutor will be working under instructions of the Attorney-General and remain independent. Our proposal is for a detached and separate Office of the Independent Prosecutor,” the statement added.

PPP, according to the statement, believes that the A-G, who performs the role of Chief Legal Adviser to the government, Minister of State, and guardian of the public interest, is undoubtedly a constitutional oddity.

It expressed PPP’s desire to have a complete separation so that the Minister of Justice becomes the President’s lawyer while the Attorney General’s office becomes the people’s lawyer.

“An independent prosecutor is what we need to effectively deal with corruption; and definitely not a special prosecutor who will be working as an appendage under instructions of an Attorney General.

For anyone seriously interested in tackling corruption, the intent and application of the above argument should be straightforward enough,” the statement added.