Legalise Marijuana - Ghana Standards Authority Boss

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ghana Standards Authority (GSA), Prof. Alex Badioo, has called for the legalization of marijuana.

The CEO made the call when he appeared before the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament yesterday to answer some infractions in their Audited Report.

According to him, the economic potential of marijuana for the country was huge, stressing that it was about time authorities came up with a firm decision on taking advantage of the herb.

Mr. Badioo explained that in advanced countries like the United Kingdom, United States of America (USA) marijuana use is legal.

“In UK, for instance, one can purchase nicely and neatly packaged marijuana from stores for both medical and social use,” he said.

“Even though Ghana does not need the medical use of the drug, it will gain immensely from its exportation if it is legalised,” the GSA boss averred.