MPs Beg Us To Let Go Corrupt Officials – Auditor-General Reveals

The auditorium of the State Tower Block, popularly known as Job 600, Wednesday, became an interesting place to be when officials of the Auditor-General’s office gathered some courage and told the gathering that some Members of Parliament (MPs) have been a stumbling block in the fight against corruption.

These MPs, they noted, constantly interfere in their work by pleading on behalf of a culpable public official who has become a subject of investigations or probe.

At a stakeholder meeting organized by the Committee on Constitutional, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs in Accra on Wednesday, September 13, 2017, to discuss the Office of the Special Prosecutor Bill, 2017, Mr. Vincent Odikro Nyame, a representative from the Auditor-General’s Department said these acts are not doing the nation any good.

“There are times when some Honourable Members come to our offices to come to come and plead on behalf of some clients … that you sign it for him and let him go and our officers on the field will also do it. And when it comes before the Committee, then you will notice that it was signed two days or three days ago. This is real. Look on the dates when these documents were actually signed as certificates and you will be surprised. They were signed one week, two weeks, sometimes three days before they submit it,” he noted.

Concerned about this constant interference which is hindering the work of the Auditor-General’s Department, Mr. Nyame pleaded with the House to let its Members stay away from their work and allow the those cited for wrongdoing to face their own music.

“We are doing our best but unfortunately everybody, including our Honourable Members, wants to assist them to stifle what we do. We hope that the House will do a little more to assist us if they stay out of this to let these men face it as it is.”