‘No Student Posted To Bowiri Community SHS’

No student was posted to Bowiri Community Senior High School (SHS) in the Kwame-Krom Biakoye district of the Volta Region.

The situation, according to Headmaster of the school, Raymond Letsah-Glover generated anxiety among parents who wanted their wards to benefit from the free SHS policy by the Akufo-Addo led government.

In an interview, the headmaster of the school, Mr. Letsah-Glover said he applied for 400 first year students but no student showed up when the programme begun.

“We haven’t received any new students. We applied for 400 students. Those in the school presently are second year students. The classrooms are empty. We are not part of the Free SHS Programme…” he bemoaned.

The distraught Bowiri SHS headmaster noted that several complaints lodged at the free SHS Secretariat yielded no results.

“I had several communications with the Free SHS Coordinator and Secretariat. They were positive but I don’t know what happened. They claimed they can’t see the school in the system. It might be due to some technical problem since a different name is in the system…” he maintained. However, the Volta Regional Education K.K Boadi said no student was posted to the school they changed the name thus unrecognized by the computerized system

“We heard of it and we inquired and they said it was the change of name. They wanted it to bear the traditional name. It became Bowiri Community SHS. I think the computerized system didn’t bear the school number. We asked the head to follow up…” “So far that is what I know about it. We have forwarded our challenges to headquarters and I think they are working on them. They should have utilized the administrative checks before changing the name of the school…“, he said

Meanwhile, the founder of the community school, Mr Abotsiina Andrews Festus and an Elder Omankrado of Kwamekrom claimed the headmaster deserves to be transferred from the school for sabotaging the policy.

He described as worrying how students from the town have been transferred to other schools far away from the town overburdening parents. “We informed him to go and check the name of the school but he refused. He never registered for the e-blocks which were being built by the government. He has disgraced us. The children from the town have been placed in outside schools…” he stated.

To this end, the Omankrado of the Kwamekrom called for the immediate transfer of the headmaster for doing an incompetent job. “He wants to sabotage the free SHS. If not what should I say? We have told him to go and check several times but he refused…” he added.