A-Plus' Audio: "I Am Pained"; Tape "Doctored For Mischievous Purpose" - Police Woman Speaks

The Senior female police officer who was allegedly caught on tape discussing investigations into alleged corruption allegations against two Deputy Chiefs of Staff with self-confessed NPP activist, A-Plus, claims the audio in circulation has been doctored to achieve some "mischievous and evil" motives.

Deputy Director-General of the Criminial Investigations Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service, Maame Yaa Tiwaa Addo-Danquah, insists a large portion of contents of the purported audio of the conversations with A-Plus to influence his confessions regarding two Deputy Chiefs of Staff, which has since gone viral are "a total fabrication and a figment of the author's imagination".

Controversial Musician, Kwame Asare Obeng affectionately called A Plus, alleged Francis Asenso Boakye and Samuel Abu Jinapor, the two deputy Chiefs of Staff, are corrupt; prompting the President to call for thorough investigations into the matter in his resolve to fight corruption under his administration.

The Police CID subsequently invited him to their headquarters for interrogation and to provide further evidence to his claims.

After interrogating the issue, the Deputy Chiefs of Staff were cleared of any acts of corruption because the musician failed to substantiate the claims of corruption against them.

The Director of Police CID, COP Bright Oduro, thus stated in a final report that the claims were baseless and lacked merit, absolving the two appointees of any wrongdoing.

Interestingly, barely two weeks after that report, a leaked tape containing the voice of A Plus and the female investigator contradicting the contents of the final report has surfaced.

Whiles commenting on how difficult it had been for the police to get the musician's original accusations he posted on his facebook wall (because it had been deleted), and A-Plus' claims that he never described the two Deputy Chiefs of Staff as "thieves" (in the original fb post), she is clearly heard advising the musician on why he therefore needs to amend his earlier statement in light of the development.

At a point she said: "as for the corruption aspect of it, from what you said and what we’ve gone to confirm, you wouldn’t be too far from right to say that this is what happened, but we need to manage… the people are your people. We need to find the best way to ensure that Korle Bu works the way we all want it to work....”

“....I feel sad for Nana, I think he has good intentions but he is not going to achieve them. You need somebody who’ll be neutral to tell them exactly what is there for them to understand and I wish I could have an audience with the President himself. Because it looks like most of the things doesn’t get to him…yes I feel sad for him,” Maame Yaa Tiwaa allegedly.

But in a personal statement issued today and sighted by Peacefmonline.com, the Deputy Director-General of the CID asserted the telephone conversation between her and A-plus "has been doctored and/or edited to achieve a deliberate, mischievous and evil purpose".

Admittedly, she said, she had a chat with A-plus over the issue and asked him to "document his denial of the thievery allegation against the two Deputy Chiefs of Staff by coming back to give a further statement".

She, however, stated emphatically that nowhere in the said conversation did she intimate to the musician "in any conversation whatsoever, that I believe that his allegation of corruption against the two Senior Government Officials had been confirmed following our investigations".

Mrs Addo-Danquah, who felt "pained" by what she described as a "calculated and dastardly attempt to soil my reputation" then stated: 

"Certainly, I could not possibly had come to that conclusion when at the time I spoke to he, A-plus, whilst insisting that he documents his denial of thievery against the two, the investigative team had not had the benefit of a response from the two appointees.

"I have listened to the purported telephone conversation between myself and A-Plus many times and it is very obvious that my conversation with him has been doctored and/or edited to achieve a deliberate, mischievous and evil purpose. Much of the content of the said tape is a total fabrication and a figment of the author's imagination. He mischievously picked some aspect of my voice in a later conversation I had with him when the report was released. Significantly, it is imperative to indicate that the said telephone conversation that has been doctored or edited lasted for 56 seconds. It should be clear to discerning Ghanaians that the said mischievous recording lasted for over 5 minutes", she added.

She further accused A-plus of threatening to "put my voice in the public domain because the team had insulted him" by reporting that his allegations were baseless.

"I feel pained by this calculated and dastardly attempt to soil my reputation and I condemn same in no terms. In spite of this to distract me from my work, I remain a committed Police Officer who will fight and expose crime wherever I find it and regardless of who is involved".

Mrs. Addo-Danquah stated categorically that she "remains fully in agreement with the conclusions reached by the investigative team which is that the allegations of corruption levelled against the two Deputy Chiefs of Staff were completely baseless and without merit and also lacked credibility. Indeed the accuser provided no evidence at all to back his allegations and the investigative panel found no wrongdoing".

Meanwhile, A-plus speaking in an interview on Okay FM's Morning show "Adekye Abia" has denied knowledge of the audio recording with the CID Deputy Director-General.

According to him, he has never recorded any private conversation with Mrs. Addo-Danquah and doesn't know where the said tape recording is coming from.