Ghana Needs A "Sanction Regime" To Check Politics Of Insults - Atik

Atik Mohammed has called for a "sanction regime" to be instituted in the fabric of the Republic of Ghana to check politics of insults.

The embittered PNC General Secretary believes this regime will help deter people from hiding behind politics to insult leaders and Ghanaians in general.

He was commenting on the disparaging comments which were made by NDC supporter Appiah Stadium regarding the personality of President Nana Akufo-Addo.

Appiah Stadium likened the President to a "monkey" and a "wee smoker".

Addressing the issue, Atik Mohammed was alarmed by the rate of insults from politicians and people with political affiliations.

He wondered what such people seek to achieve by vilifying another person in any kind of discourse.

To him, people should be able to make their points without attacking the personalities of their opponents.

Atik was of a strong view that the only solution to politics of insults is when sanctions are meted out clearly to persons who engage in them, and therefore called on government to heed his call.