A-Plus Saga: I Won’t Sue – Jinapor Finally Speaks

Samuel Abu Jinapor, Deputy Chief of Staff says he is not going to take any legal action against Kwame Asare, popularly known as A-Plus over the corruption allegation levelled against him.

Abu Jinapor and his colleague Chief of Staff, Francis Asenso Boakye were accused of being corrupt.

Controversial Musician, Kwame Asare Obeng affectionately called A Plus, alleged Asenso and Jinapor, the two deputy Chiefs of Staff, are corrupt. As a result, President Akufo Addo asked for thorough investigations into the matter in his resolve to fight corruption under his administration.

Subsequently, the Deputy Chiefs of Staff were cleared of any acts of corruption because the musician failed to substantiate the claims of corruption against them.

The Director of Police CID, COP Bright Oduro, stated in a final report that the claims were baseless and lacked merit, absolving the two appointees of any wrongdoing.

In an interview on Peace FM, Abu Jinapor said Ghanaians are discerning and they will be the better judge in this case so he is not going to sue.

“I am not too sure about a suit but you may never know. Some of these things, if you want to follow, you will develop hypertension. we decided to speak because we were tired of issues arising and that is why we decided to speak out...we know no matter what people will talk about us especially as government workers...we were summoned to appear before the police so we did; and the police said the tape is doctored, we leave it like that ”