Bagbin: I Have Never Lobbied To Be A Minister

Mr. Kwesi Pratt, editor of the Insight newspaper failed to do the honourable thing, that is apologise to Hon. Alban Bagbin, after his assertion that Bagbin�s criticism of the Mills administration was borne out of bitterness for not being appointed Minister of Parliamentary Affairs was debunked. Speaking on Radio Gold last Saturday, Mr. Pratt lashed out at both NDC and NPP members and supporters who have in recent times leveled various allegations at the Mills administration. The editor, who has on many occasions attacked former President Rawlings for making certain comments about the Mills administration virtually tore the Majority Leader�s reputation into shred and verbosely argued that the MPs motive for criticizing those surrounding the President is borne out of bitterness because he was not appointed Minister for Parliamentary Affairs. This drew the intervention of the MP for Sene, Hon. Twumasi Appiah, who said Mr. Pratt�s assertion about the Majority Leader couldn�t be true because when the Mills government was being formed, the President wanted Bagbin to be Minister for Parliamentary Affairs but the Majority Leader refused the position to the surprise of Members of the House from both sides, arguing that the position was not necessary. Hon. Bagbin also later called into the programme to assert that he has never lobbied for any Ministerial position, stating that his position as Majority Leader is more than enough for him. Hon. Bagbin explained how he asked President Mills not to name him as Minister for Parliamentary Affairs and how he has had to explain several times to NDC supporters particularly those in the north how demanding the job of a majority leader was. The Majority leader said he stood by all the comments he made about the sycophants around President Mills, particularly those who abandoned the party when it needed them most, but have come back to occupy positions of trust and honour to the chagrin of those who stayed faithful to the party during its days in the wilderness. Hon. Bagbin said he was not in the least intimidated by the attacks on him by Mr. Pratt and others stating that the well being of the NDC is paramount to all other interests.