American Blames Citi FM’s Jessica For Making Donald Trump Run For President

American Youtuber, Adam Dahlberg also known as NetNobody has ‘blamed’ Citi FM’s Jessica Opare-Saforo for making Donald Trump run for President in the United States of America.

NetNobody recently shared a screenshot of Jessica’s conversation with Donald Trump in October 2012, which is already trending on social media.  “Look what you did Jessica,” he tweeted on 22nd October, 2017.

In the tweet, Trump attacked former Obama saying he should have lost to his Democrat contender Hilary Clinton in a build-up to the 2008 elections in the US.

Jessica in her reply suggested that Trump should contest for the presidency instead of attacking Obama.

“Oh please…give Obama a break. Maybe you should run for President of the US,” the Traffic Avenue host wrote.

This tweet from the popular American Youtuber has generated much interest in conversations on social media.

The American YouTuber was a part of the 2017 Sidemen war after making a random diss track on KSI.

Donald Trump became President of the United State of America in 2016 to the chagrin of many who had despised his abilities to occupy the highest office of the land. Trump since assuming office, has been criticised by many as being arrogant and fashioning out unpopular policies.

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