Let’s Embrace Orphans...

The Department of Social Welfare is partnering with Ghana without Orphans, a non- governmental organisation, for this year’s Orphans Sunday, celebrated on the second Sunday in November every year.

The department is, thus, calling on all churches to pray and support orphans on that day.

Mr Joseph Attigah, Deputy Director at the Department of Social Welfare, in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, said due to urbanisation and socio-economic factors, many orphans suffer emotional, physiological and psychological trauma.

“Ghana without Orphans (GWO) will not only promote foster care, but will speak for the voiceless orphans and give them hope and opportunity to share their life experiences with people. Christian families will be sensitised on the physical, spiritual, cognitive and emotional needs of orphans,” he said.

Mr Attigah said the Department of Social Welfare works in collaboration with NGOs as stakeholders to provide equal opportunities and support to vulnerable people in their communities to access quality childhood development care, good healthcare and social protection programmes.

Ghana Without orphans will be distributing flyers and leaflets on the needs of orphans to many churches in Ghana.

Orphan Sunday is a way to engage the church in caring for the orphan, and from this expression of prayer.