Hypocrisy Of Cloth Has Blindfolded Koku Anyidoho

It’s upsetting, to hear the NDC and the likes of Koku Anyidoho talk about the subject of security and political vigilante groups and violence in this country in a manner to run the current government down.

Clearly you easily note, there is some element of skewedness of the subject in favour of their political interest and identities, based on their biased stance on the matter but everyone in this country from the birth of our political democracy till today has glare knowledge of which of the two parties, NDC and NPP have handled the security of this country fairly.

Let’s do stock of vigilantism and other related violence occurrences in this country and the truth will speak for itself...The list is endless.

Where was Anyidoho when all these happened? If a flagbearer of an opposition party can be stoned in a stronghold of an incumbent government during an election campaign and the government looked unconcerned, how justifiable you are to call today's government impotent in handling security situation in the country? What did the NDC do about this do about that?

"Kumi preko" killing (4 died) and brutality in 1995. NDC founder JJ Rawlings justified it. 9 NDC people arrested (Feb 18 2009) GMA report Akwatia killings and beating by NDC supporters in August 17th 2009.

Agbogbloshie killing by NDC supporters in Aug 27th 2009. 4 NDC supporters granted bail for assault 28th January 2009. NDC supporters battered NPP-Techiman North NPP Secretary Peter Mensah with Acid Oct 22 2012.

Aluta boys of NDC warmed president Mills not to come to Northern region in 2011 which he succumbed to irritate NDC supporters attacked Volta Region RCC and burnt 2 cars in 2015 NDC supporters openly trading punches at 109 parliamentary candidates October 02 2015.

Azorka boys locked NHIS offices in Tamale 2015. Azorka boys attacked NPP supporters in Talensi by-elections and ministers declares "Violence begets Violence"  Mark Woyongo in July 7th 2015.

NDC foot soldiers riot and burn things in Tamale because Haruna Iddrisu was yet to be given an appointment. Again NDC fool soldiers’ burn down a radio station (Radio Justice).

So why all of the sudden Koku Anyidoho and his hypocrite NDC people want us to believe the phenomenon JUST CAME TO GHANA IN 2017?

It is justifiable on grounds that if police at a polling station fully armed could watch a muscular man (macho man) snatch ballot boxes with casted ballot papers, then they can be accused of being behind the mask.

Same can be said about the NDC government of the day then. There are instances where people apprehended for snatching ballot boxes and engaging in all sorts of electoral violence are freed by the police as a result of their association with particular political party. Where was at Koku Anyidoho then?

The NPP government under Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo DON’T SUPPORT such phenomenon in our country or in our body politics, we must be fair in looking at it and solving it.

Political vigilantism has been with us for long and it’s an instance where organized armed or unarmed groups are deployed as private armed forces to safeguard the electoral prosperity of political parties in this country. In the case of the NDC who have governed this country for over 29, they failed very woefully and abusing the positivity of political vigilantes maiming citizens and political opponents alike.

It is indisputable that the security agencies in Ghana under the NPP government have demonstrated to large extent their full commitment in discharging their roles professionally in curbing this situation. We have witnessed what was done to the Invisible and Delta Force arrest and judicial due process allowed to take its course with those who flouted the law.

Anyidoho and the NDC seem bungling and unenthusiastic to a lesser extent because they are no respecters of the law and due process, we all know it.