Witches Are Not The Cause Of Road Accidents – Prophetess

General Overseer of Grace Divine Healing Ministry, Prophetess Mrs. Grace Owusu Affenyin Mensah, has slammed, motorists over their attitude on the road which she said mostly cause road accidents.

She bemoaned the trend of society blaming such compounding road carnage on spiritual attacks in appeasing some other spiritual forces. She said, it is out of carelessness and reckless driving which results in most of these accidents.

“Although there are spiritual forces, if we do the right thing as a people, we will go safe and come back home in peace”. she stressed.

Mrs. Affenyin Mensah who is also a counselor admonished drivers and riders to check their vehicles to ensure they are in good form before moving.

Most drivers, the counselor noted, sometimes ignore warning signs and eventually cause accidents.

She has therefore asked motorists and travelers to combine prayers with care each time they embark on a journey for safety.

Accidents, prophetess Grace accepted are bound to happen but we stand to minimize them if we are careful and vigilant enough.