Fijai SHS Dismisses Reports Of ‘Strange Disease’ Outbreak

The headmaster for Fijai Senior High School, Kenneth Dotse Agbomadzi, has debunked reports that 200 students were under an attack from a strange disease.

In an interview with  Connect FM Wednesday morning, Mr. Agbomadzi explained that two of the students fell ill Monday night and were taken to Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital aided by one of the housemasters.

He said the housemaster and the sick students were escorted by eight other students as a protection to foil any possible attack by unscrupulous persons who have been snatching personal belongings of commuters in the community.

This explanation comes in the wake of news reports that about 200 students from the school were rushed to Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital to be treated.

The reports, which went viral on social media, said the cause of the sickness was yet to be known. But reacting to the report, Mr Agbomadzi insisted there has not been any strange sickness in the school.

According to him, the only recurring sickness reported among them has been malaria and even that he attributed to fact that some students do not sleep under treated mosquito nets.

He said he called the journalist who started the report for a retraction.