No BECE Candidate In The Kwahu East District Has Obtained Grade 6 Since 2008

No candidate in both Public and Private Schools in the Kwahu East District of the Eastern region has ever secured aggregate 6 in Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) since the establishment of the District in 2008.

Aggregate 7,8 and 9 are also rarely recorded in the district.

Records suggest almost half of students who sit for BECE examination in the district fail their exams.

The poor academic performance in the district has been tied to several factors including poor educational infrastructure, inadequate teaching and learning logistics ,bad road network to school and inadequate teachers. Most teachers reject postings to the area due to the lack of electricity and water supply there. The other challenges identified to be affecting education in the area is the perennial deadly conflict between the Fulani nomads and inhabitants, especially farmers.

The Kwahu East District Director of Education, Kwasi Boafo explained to Starr News that academic performance was not encouraging when he assumed office in 2014 when the average pass in BECE was 50%. He said after diagnosing the problem, remedial measures were rolled out which has improved the average pass percentage to 60% .

He cited the Fulani menace as a major factor eroding these gains as schools in affected communities are intermittently closed down for several weeks.

Assembly Member for Hweehwee Electoral area, Solomon Aboagye told Starr News he has taken radical steps to change the narratives which includes transfer of some poor performing Teachers.

He noted also that most teachers teaching in remote communities of the district do not have accommodation hence trek about 7km every day to school making them almost always late for class.