Nordea Capital Holds Annual General Meeting

Nordea Capital Ltd, after a successful listing as the number 8 member of Ghana Club 100, has held its Annual General Meeting for the 2016 Financial Year.

Since inception, Nordea has been actively managing portfolios for several corporate and individual clients in Ghana and abroad as well as providing in-depth equity research of the Ghana Stock exchange and other markets across the African Continent.

Among the awards presented at the recent Ghana Club 100 awards, Nordea also emerged winner in the category of the “Best New Entrant Company” and the “Fastest Growing Company”.

The International Finance Magazine Awards 2015 adjudged Nordea the “Best Financial Research Company Ghana 2015.

Nordea Capital reflect all elements of innovation, achievement, strategy, progression and inspirational changes taking place within the Global Financial community, as such for the second year in a role they were adjudged “Best New Asset Management Company, Ghana (2016 and 2017)” at the recent Global Banking & Finance Review Awards organized in the UK. 

According to Stella Segbewu the Board Chair, Treasury bill rates began to take a nosedive from the second half of the year to 14.63 by the end of period under review and the GSE Composite Index also recorded loss of 15.33.

In spite of these external challenges the fund returned a YTD 20.46, placing it among the top ten ranking of balanced funds being managed in the industry.

“The closing price of the fund for the year was 0.2749. This is no mean achievement on the part of management considering the balanced nature of the fund against the poor performance of the market in 2016.

“Your investment has a total amount GHc 263,149.47 in assets under management compared to Ghc 201,699.64 in 2015 representing a growth of 30.47%,” Stella Segbawu, Board Chairman said.

On his part Chief Operating Officer for Nordea Capital, Aseye Akotia thanked the general public for their believe, confidence and continuous trust and support in the company by helping push its vision.

He said investment banking is cash on demand as such all investors should be rest assured that their capital is safe and working for the benefit of the all.

Nordea Capital was incorporated on April 30, 2014.

Their objectives are fund management, investment advisory services and asset and portfolio management.

Nordea Capital currently has over 500 clients with a portfolio in the region of about Ghc 100million.

Nordea Capital has been able to establish itself as a leader in its market in Ghana in terms of reputation, profitability and assets under management.

Nordea Capital, Commerz Savings and Loans, ESA Pensions Trust Company, Nordea Income Growth Fund Company, Nordea Private Equity as well as CNE Collections are all part of Nordcom Africa Holdings.

Nordea Capital has its principal office located at number 54 Olusegun Obasanjo High Way, opposite Accra Girls Secondary School, in the Greater Accra Region.