Yapei, Buipe Bridges Open To Traffic

The Yapei and Buipe Bridges in the Northern Region were on Friday opened to traffic after a month’s closure for maintenance.

Both bridges were closed to traffic on November 22, after they developed cracks and huge potholes rendering them weak.

The closure caused a lot of inconvenience for motorists and the traveling public, who used alternative routes, some of which were not in good condition.

Mr Kwasi Amoako Atta, Minister of Roads and Highways, who opened both bridges at Yapei, assured that government was making efforts to find the needed resources to begin the construction of new bridges to replace both bridges.

The Yapei and Buipe bridegs connect the north to the south of the country and the country’s neighbouring landlocked countries depend on them to cart goods from the Tema Harbour.

Both bridges were constructed to last for 50 years, but they are now in their 54th year, a situation, which has rendered them weak.