Why Kwesi Pratt Was In South Africa

The public outcry over Kwesi Pratt Jnr�s 2010 World Cup Draw in Cape Town, and other pressing sports issues, has stirred the Minister of Youth and Sports, Mr. Rashid Pelpuo, to meet with the press. In a well-attended meet-the-press briefing in Accra yesterday, Mr. Pelpuo stated emphatically that his outfit chose the Insight�s Managing Editor, Kwesi Pratt, and other two journalists randomly, and that it could be any media person�s turn on subsequent trips. He pointed out that Mr. Pratt�s inclusion, perceived by many as a �wrong move,� was a step in a right direction, taking into account his sporting background, saying, �Don�t forget Kwesi Pratt was once with the Ministry of Sports PRO, and other sports-related outfits.� Reacting to the accreditation problems that confronted some members of his entourage, he revealed that he had foreknowledge about it, but those who were supposed to have gate-crashed, were there on a different mission. He charged the press to decouple issues from personalities, citing the Kojo Bonsu saga as a reference point. The Sports Minister threw the gauntlet, daring the press to hold him responsible should his outfit fail to executive the Sports Bill into becoming a law. Regarding the Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC) impasse, Mr. Pelpuo gave the assurance that efforts were in place to hold fresh elections, as suggested by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), in six months.