I Am Not A False Prophet; My Miracles Are Not Fake

Presiding Bishop of Perez Chapel International, Charles Agyinasare has dispelled rumours that his miracles are either staged or fake.

The revered Bishop explained that he has embarked on crusades and performed miracles in hostile countries and places he has known no one thus makes it impossible to arrange or fake the miracle.

He cited miracles he performed in Pakistan, a Muslim dominated country where he managed to pull thousands of people to a crusade he organised and in America where he was told no miracles ever happen, he healed 23 cripples without praying for them noting that, "you can't stage that in America. for you an African, it can't happen"

Bishop Agyinasare also recounted a miracle in Maiduguri, Nigeria where a blind Muslim woman screamed for joy after she regained her sight during a crusade he organised

"In Maiduguri, and then whilst you are preaching a Muslim woman starts preaching, I can see, I can see. A man carries his daughter who hasn't walked for 12years, brings her to the grounds, she cant lift up her hand too and suddenly the daughter begins to walk and follow the man, you cant stage that, you cant" he disclosed

He stressed that as part of his measure to be sure indeed it is not faked he tries to trace the relatives of the person and how they got there.

Responding to a question about whether he is indeed a true 'Man of God', Bishop Agyinasare was emphatic "I think that the evidence is clear because there are qualifications of a 'Man of God'. I think if you look at the qualifications according to 1Timothy chapter 3 from verse 1, you will see that I meet them"

His clarification comes in timely as the Perez Chapel International readies to hold a three-day festival of miracles crusade at the Independence Square in Accra.

The event is expected to be held from the Tuesday 30th January to Friday 2nd February.

Bishop Agyinasare has urged all critics who have doubts or believers who want to be met at their point of need to be present at the three-day crusade to experience the power of God.

He added that just like has happened over the years, the event will offer people the opportunity to listen to testimonies and also feel the healing power of Christ.

"A miracle itself is God's intervention in the affairs of men and at every point, everybody needs a miracle. If you have had a contract and one way or the other you are not able to accomplish it, you need God's divine intervention. If you are not getting children, you need God's intervention, like me, I had a drug problem, I needed God's divine intervention, somebody is sick, they have gone to the hospital and run all the test, doctors say the person has 6weeks or a month to live, that person needs a miracle" he reiterated

"Japan, India, America, Bahrain, Pakistan, Dubai, Nigeria, Kenya all over the world and in Brazil and everywhere, the power of God has been the same. It saved sinners, healed the sick and caused miracles to happen" he stressed