Kenyan Political Crises, African Leaders Must Step In Now - FOSDA

The Foundation for Security and Development in Africa (FOSDA) has urged the African Union and East African Community leaders, to quickly intervene in the political impasse playing out in Kenya before it degenerates into violence.

Mrs Theodora Williams Anti, the Programme Manager, FOSDA, said the ‘self- inauguration' of Mr Raila Odinga, the leader of the National Super Alliance (NASA), as the 'People's President' on Tuesday, January 30, might have been peaceful, but it would go a long way to deepen the political divide in Kenya.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency on Wednesday in Accra, Mrs Anti explained that Mr Odinga and his supporters had been emboldened by the 'self inauguration' and this posed a serious security threat for Kenya.

"As it stands now, Kenya is in a very unpredictable situation, African leaders must act swiftly to save it," she stated.

"About 40 lives have already reportedly been lost since August 2017, owing to the political situation and we don’t have to lose any more," she added.

Mrs Anti said the Foundation was urging African leaders not to wait, but take proactive steps to engage the stakeholder to find an amicable solution to the situation.

President Uhuru Kenyatta was sworn in for a second term last November, after winning an election re-run in October, which Mr Odinga boycotted.

The Kenyan 2017 General Election was first held in August, however, the Supreme Court ordered a re-run, saying Mr Kenyatta's victory was marred by irregularities.