We Stopped Otabil From Preventing ā€˜June 3ā€™ Disaster ā€“ Cultist Confesses

A man in his late 20s and a former member of the popular youth occult group has confessed their faction obstructed the ‘only man of God’ in Ghana who could have prevented the infamous June 3 disaster from occurring in Accra in 2015.

The young man who has been practicing occultism for more than a decade and newly redeemed from his former ways, made his confession on Kumasi based radio Angel Fm’s Drivetime with host Angel Dimaria this Friday.

According to him, the leader and founder of International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) Pastor Mensah Otabil, was the ‘only man of God’ in the country his group spotted to have the spiritual eye to see the disaster to happen.

He also revealed it was possible because they have reps in almost all churches across the country who help them in their operations and that his group at the time needed blood to make them succeed in their activities

‘Fresh Boy’ as they call him clearly stated, “Pastor Mensah Otabil saw the June 3 disaster was going to happen and announced to his congregation to pray to avert it. We, however, have representatives in all churches who help us destruct men of God from preventing us from our dealings”. He revealed

In his interview, the former occult member revealed they are capable of even preventing Men of God from fasting and praying if they feel the clergy are a threat to their activities.

He indicated that he has given his life to Christ after being saved through the help of “a true man of God”, Rev. Osei Bismarck, Founder and leader of Word Fire International Ministry at Atonso Dompoase, a suburb of Kumasi.

“Now I believe there is God, because I’m saved. I can sleep well now without any nightmare as compared to my previous days”. He confessed

Background of June 3 Disaster

On June 3 2015, fire gutted a filling station around the Kwame Nkrumah Circle following torrential rains that flooded almost the entire City of Accra.

The fire which started from the GOIL filling station near the GCB tower spread rapidly to more than five other buildings amidst explosions resulting in several deaths

More than 200 people were reported to have died including infants in the tragedy with many persons displaced; making it one of the biggest disasters the country has ever recorded.