I've No Presidential Ambition…I Don't Have Resources! – Martin Amidu

Former Attorney General and Special Prosecutor nominee, Martin Amidu says he has no intention of becoming the President of this country.

This was after Minister of Communication, Ursula Owusu-Ekuful asked if he had any presidential ambition during his vetting on Tuesday.

Martin Amidu who had earlier apologized for not being able to accommodate everybody who wanted to attend the vetting said “I don’t even have money to bring people hear to feed them” how much more running for presidency.

"I was running mate in 2000 and if I had presidential ambitions, it would have been seen already. I don’t even have money to bring people here and feed them, how will I go and want to be president...I have lived a life in government for 20 something years with nothing to write home about, so I am not the type who has the resources to run for president. Where I am going to mobilise from?” he rhetorically asked, but quickly added a quote from Macbeth “Nobody can see into the speed of time to see which seed will grow and which will not.”

According to him, several people have asked him to run as an independent candidate; however, his response was “it will not be possible”.

“I told them I wouldn’t do what is not possible…I am happy about my status because that was the promise we gave when we came to power,” he indicated.