Obinim Talks 'Flying To Heaven' In Viral Video

Controversial Pastor and Founder and Leader of International Godsway Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim, a self-acclaimed angel, has denied ever trying to fly to heaven.

Bishop Daniel Obinim made the news recently when he was seen in a viral video in what some said was a botched flight to heaven. He was seen opening his arms and flapping what can be described as imaginary wings to be airborne to meet his father Jesus.

However, moments later, Bishop Obinim ran and threw himself unto the members of his church who caught him.

Speaking to Okay FM Friday, Bishop Obinim who was not happy with the insults that attended the circulation of the video explained that he throws himself onto his members when he’s excited while prophesying.

“That act of throwing myself onto my junior pastors or my church members is not new, I’ve been doing it for sometime now. I usually do that when I’m ministering and there’s a powerful prophecy, I get excited in the process and I throw myself and my junior pastors catch me. It’s not true that by doing that I try flying to heaven. Why do people insult me claiming I was trying to fly to Heaven because I’m an angel when they don’t know the reasons behind my action. Sometimes I tell my people that I’m about to throw myself and so they should be ready to catch me and ensure that I don’t fall and hurt myself. How can I fly when I’m within my church auditorium. Ghanaians insult pastors and turn round to ask them to pray for the country, how is this possible,” Obinim queried?

Bishop Obinim barely two months ago made the headlines when he said God has told him to ask his members to bring their panties, brassieres and boxer shots to the altar which were collected and burnt at one of his church services.

That action sparked uproar with many including pastors questioning whether he is indeed a true man of God.

Bishop Daniel Obinim had previously revealed that he has supernatural powers which he can use to transform into any animal in the spiritual realm.

Speaking on his own OBTV recently, he said “I can transform into a snake and enter any room, bite my target and just disappear.”

He claimed his father is Jesus Christ who can also turn into any animal.

Bishop Obinim, however added that even though he is not an animal, he can spiritually transform into a snake or a dog and warned anyone not to dare him.

He claimed he once transformed into a snake with Jesus by his side who also transformed into a lion.

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