Bawumia Not A Credible Muslim - Asafo Agyei

A communication team member of the opposition National Democratic Congress [NDC] in the Ashanti Region, Kwaku Asafo Agyei has described Vice President Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia, not being a credible Muslim following his decision to celebrate Valentine’s Day when all Muslims have refused to do so.

According to him, the vice President defied the tenets of his religion to celebrate this year’s Valentine’s Day when he sent a bouquet of flowers to his wife; Samira Bawumia and making it public.

It is against this backdrop that Asafo Adjei, the vociferous communicator challenged Dr. Bawumia’s Muslim credentials.

He said the Vice President’s behaviour is unacceptable in the principles of Islam calling on the Muslim clergy to take a decision on the double standards of the second most powerful gentleman of the land.

”It is about time the Muslim clergy question his admission of the Islamic sect in the position of Vice president in the country”. Asafo Agyei said on Accra based Happy FM socio-political show dubbed ‘Epa Hoa Daben’

To back him argument, he quoted ”To each among you, we have prescribed a law and a clear way” [Quaran 5:48] And for every nation we have ordained ceremonies which they must follow [Quran 22:67].

He wondered whether it was the same Dr. Bawumia who prior to the 2016 elections told the Muslim community to vote a Quran into the Flag Staff House to protect the interest of Muslims at the presidency.