Easter Goodwill Message From The Acting Moderator of The PCG

Once again we celebrate Easter which marks one of the important occasions on the Christian Calendar meant to give us the chance over the significance of the Suffering, Crucifixion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. As tradition demands, I wish to take the opportunity, on behalf of General Assembly Council and the entire membership of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana to extend my felicitation to the Church in Ghana as well.

On such occasion, it is appropriate that we give thanks to God for preserving our lives and providing our needs according to His infinite riches in Glory. Easter prompts us to acknowledge God’s love and goodness to all humankind.

The true essence of Easter is the celebration of the unconditional love of God that He demonstrated for us by allowing His One and only begotten to die for our sins.

It behooves on all Ghanaians to allow this year’s Easter to transform their lives.

 The resurrection of Christ has resonated down through the ages, impacting and transforming the lives of millions of people across the globe.

What happened at the Cross was God’s ultimate response in order that forgiveness, reconciliation, peace and salvation could be made available in keeping with God’s ultimate plan for the world.

As we celebrate the death of our only Redeemer, we should not lose the sight of the many challenges and forces that militate against our nation, Church, families and as individuals.

In Ghana, the year 2017 witnessed peaceful successful transfer of power from one government to another without any trouble.

As we celebrate Easter, other important issues that we should not gloss over include high level of corruption, indiscipline and low moral values in society.

What makes the situation worrying is the fact that about 70% of the country’s population and majority of its leaders are said to be Christians.

I am calling on every Ghanaian to make selfless sacrifices in the pursuit of their individual needs in the interest of national development.

It is unfortunate that most Ghanaians want to reap where they have not sown, and take from where they had not placed anything, and this, has contributed to so much corruption in the country.

Let us learn from the act of God, who sacrificed his own son to bring Redemption and Salvation to the world, and do likewise to save the nation from its current economic condition.

As a Nation, we must all stand up together to wrestle the forces that militate against us and allow the peace which Easter brings to remain and work in our lives.

I am therefore appealing to leadership of all the political parties to impress upon their followers to be circumspect in their utterances in order not to inflame passions. I also call on the Christian community to pray for peace for the country at all times. Let us all rally round the government to bring the progress and development in Ghana. 

 Let us focus on Christ and his redemptive work instead indulging in act that will not lead to peace during and after the holidays.

On behalf of the entire membership of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, I wish you once again a HAPPY EASTER: and May the year 2018 bring you Peace, Prosperity, and Fruitfulness through hard work.

Rev Dr Victor Okoe Abbey

Acting Moderator of General Assembly

Presbyterian Church of Ghana