I Won't Park My "Nice Benz"...It Is Very Lovely - Prof. Emmanuel Marfo-Owusu

The embattled Rector of the Wa Polytechnic, Professor Emmanuel Marfo-Owusu has said he will not park his Gh₵500,000 Mercedez Benz vehicle as requested of him by the Governing Council of the School.

Some lecturers of the polytechnic have raised issues with the procurement of the Gh₵500,000 Mercedez Benz vehicle and the Governing Board has instituted investigations following which they have suspended Prof Marfo-Owusu.

Some angry lecturers at the Wa Polytechnic last week Monday chased the Rector, Prof Marfo-Owusu out of campus with stones and sticks.

They alleged that Prof Marfo-Owusu procured the Mercedez Benz vehicle for his official use at a cost of GH₵500,000 without approval from the Governing Council and have also cited other financial irregularities as basis for their agitations.

Prof Marfo-Owusu who has said his accusers were thinking that the car is "very expensive" has challenged his suspension in court.

It has emerged that the Governing Council has asked that he should park the Benz whilst they investigate the issues but in a radio interview with Accra based Class FM on Monday, Prof Marfo-Owusu said he has not been officially been served with a letter of that sort.

He said even if he is to be served, he will not succumb to pressure to park the vehicle.

“I won’t return the car, I love it, it is very nice, it is very lovely.”

He said “nobody has instructed me to return the car, no official communication has been given to me to that effect, so, I am not returning it.”

"And I am not ready to give it to them because it is in court," he added.