‘I Pay More Taxes Than Anyone; I Don’t Need Gov’t Contracts’ – Ibrahim Mahama

Businessman Ibrahim Mahama who claims he pays more taxes in Ghana than anyone says he doesn’t do government jobs to get his money.

Mr. Mahama who did not give reasons for his decision explained that if there is any job he would do for government of Ghana, that job has to be “difficult for any contractor to do”

“I pay more tax than any Ghanaian in this country yet those who don’t pay tax will insult me as if they contribute to this country. I don’t do government jobs to take money from government,” he said.

Addressing graduate students of the University of Ghana at the 2018 GRASSAG Entrepreneurship Seminar, said his businesses have “created at least 5,000 tables for people to eat”.

He said just recently he employed about 3,000 Ghanaians to work him, indicating that he is “more of a problem solver” and doesn’t need any award of contract from government institution.

Sharing how he started his business empire, Mr. Mahama who is the Chief Executive of Engineers and Planners said he borrowed 10,000 dollars to start his business.

He refuted claims that the successes of his business today were the results of his brother, Johm Mahama, becoming a president of Ghana.

He claimed his businesses peaked at during the presidency of John Kufuor and that the reign of John Mahama did not favour his business as is widely being claimed by some Ghanaians.

“When I started business, John Mahama hadn’t even picked up his forms to become MP,”

“I want to set the record straight that I was who I was; I was successful,” he stated, adding, “That’s why I can chop my money without looking back and thinking that Amidu is coming to call me”.

Meanwhile, he has announced 20,000-dollar fund to finance 20 students who have brilliant ideas, and urged other successful businessmen in the country to support graduates to start up businesses.

“I want somebody to do better than me,” he said.

He advised graduates not and entrepreneurs against relying on politicians, noting they will always disappoint them.

“The political seasons will come; 2016 came, 2020 will come, 2024 will come, 2028 will come. Does that mean we shouldn’t focus and work?” he asked