Kill All My Ill-Wishers'– Duncan-Williams Prays To The Lord

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams has said he always prays to God to relocate his ill-wishers’ address and habitation from the land of the living to the land of the dead.

Preaching on Sunday, 29 April, the Action Chapel International (ACI) founder said: “Sometimes I hear people say: ‘You know, I was somewhere and your name came up and people were saying all kinds of things and I had to speak for you and defend you’. And I look at them (laughing) and I say: ‘Thank you, but next time when you hear people speaking and saying things about me, don’t defend me, don’t say anything’. And he said: ‘Why?’ And I said: ‘There is a blood that answers for me, there is a blood that speaks for me, and I keep engaging that blood every day.’

“And there is a prayer I pray all the time and this is the prayer; I say: ‘Lord, for those who speak ill of me and for the tongues and for the voices that speak ill of me, to discredit and to undermine me, whoever they are, wherever they are on the face of the earth, in the regions of the underworld, let their voices and their tongues be silenced; ye, let those voices be discredited, let them be disfavoured, let their honours be turned into dishonour, and their favours into disfavour; ye, let another replace and take their place’.

“And there’s another one I pray; I say: ‘Lord, for those who wish me ill and they scheme and devise devices to hurt me and to silence my voice, let their dwellings and their address and habitation be taken from the living to the land of the dead’.

“If you’re not wishing me harm or evil, it doesn’t apply to you. But if I’m minding my business and I’m sitting somewhere and for whatever reason you don’t like me …”