Assist the police to bring down crime - DCE

Mr Thomas Kwakwa, Ahafo-Ano South District Chief Executive, has appealed for greater public support for the police to bring down crime in the area. Addressing an Ordinary Meeting of the Assembly at Mankranso, he encouraged people in the various communities to have the courage to expose known and suspected miscreants in their midst. He said security must be appreciated as shared responsibility and that the assembly would do all it could to assist the police to intensify day and night patrols. Mr Kwakwa said there was the need to sustain the prevailing peace in the area, noting that, this was the only way they could assure themselves of progress. He encouraged the Assembly-members to closely monitor the implementation of development projects awarded on contract in their communities to ensure value for money. They should not hesitate to point out any structural defects for immediate rectification, he said, adding that they all had a duty to prevent shoddy execution of jobs by contractors. Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Vitus Napen, District Police Commander, said the police were determined to carry the fight to the criminals to enable the law-abiding to live in peace and security. He said they had intensified road checks especially on accident prone ones to prevent accidents and fatalities.