Another Security Personnel Assault At Abeka Lapaz - VIDEO - VIDEO

Another Video Of A Woman Being Assaulted By A Security Officer, This Time At Papaye in Osu/Abeka Lapaz? hits The Web.

Whilst outrage washes over the nation following the assault of a woman with a baby in her arms by a police office at Midlands Savings and Loans, another video of a similar assault has hit the web.

Ghana is quietly becoming a banana republic.

After the assault on the woman at Midlands and all the developments that has followed another video shows a woman also being assaulted.

The video shows a man in uniform, probably a security guard, pushing a lady violently away from the premises. It’s not clear what happened before but his shoves end up with her on the ground and once again people stand around and film rather than stop the assault.

It seems now even the small respect accorded ladies by Ghanaian men in that they shouldn’t be physically assaulted has now evaporated.