A Town With A Peaceful Atmosphere But Its 'Rotten' Roads Kill Many, Leave Others Injured

Absolute peace is currently blowing through the corridors of Bawku town as residents say they have learnt so much from past mistakes that have ridden the once busy commercial town in the upper east region.

Members of all tribes including the Kusasi and Mamprusi say many things have come to them and therefore there is the need to forgive themselves, reconcile and love each other.

Young people from all tribes in the town are participating in sports discipline to sustain the already existing unity. The competition runs for weeks and the participants say they want to use the occasion to reach out to other youths.

But the town that toiled in generating revenue for the country has been left to struggle on it own.

For years now, residents have decried the deplorable state of the roads calling on successive governments to fast-track the construction of major feeder roads which has taken a toll on them.

Their bone of contention is the pathetic condition of the Techiman station roads, Bawkzua roads, patelme roads, among others including some parts of Gingande roads.

The residents also raise concerns about the dangerous potholes spread across the already constructed roads in the town.

In recent times, a number of residents have lost their lives through motorbikes accidents.

Some have been left to struggle with serious motor injuries on their hospital beds.

"We lost a brother through accident." One of the residents.

Morning Show host of Source FM, Edward Anabia, recounts how he has witnessed and reported cases of motorbikes accidents in the municipality.

According to him, the numerous potholes are too many for road users... "It is just sad. Sometimes, you just have to manoeuvre your way through the town." He laments.

The roads are vital as they link to many communities in the town. But despite being very busy almost every day, residents’ pleas to successive governments to have them fixed had fallen on deaf ears.

A resident, Yussif Ismail, says he has fallen down many times on his way to leave his children in school.

"If our leaders are not being fair, these roads should not remain same for many years" He sounds sad.

The residents say they have been suffering especially during the rainy season as the roads become completely impassable.

The poor road network is another big letdown for locals during emergencies. Some are always left in a state of discomfort during a heavy downpour.

Assembly Member for Patelme Electoral area, Imoro Mamudu who has been pushing for the construction of the roads cannot count the number of times he witnessed people with deep cuts due to accidents.

"It will surprise you to know that, our voices have never been heard. Do you think we really deserve this?" He inquires.

Bawku borders Burkina Faso in the north and Togo to the east.

Though it is a town that connects Ghana to two countries and arguably, generates an appreciable revenue for Ghana through trade, there is nothing much to see in Bawku.

"We know, Bawku has done so much for Ghana in terms of revenue collection but it appears that is being used to develop other areas." Imoro laments.

Many roads in the town remain untarred. Even those that were constructed some years ago are now in a deplorable state, including the only roundabout in the town.

Nobody actually cares but the situation gets worse day by day because of frequent accidents that occur in the town.

Bawku, a town of historical significance which is not far from Kulungungu where the first president of Ghana, Dr Kwame Nkrumah, narrowly escaped an assassination attempt, is in dire need of infrastructural development.

Residents are apprehensive - they are wondering what may have possibly delayed their share of development that they are entitled to.

But the Municipal Chief executive for Bawku, Hajia Hawa Ninchemah says government has plans for the roads.

She, however, cannot tell exactly when construction of the roads would begin but assures residents of government efforts.

"Government is doing all it could to construct the roads."