Mahama Is Deliberately Lying To Nurses- Andy Owusu

An aide to the Ashanti Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party, Andy Owusu, has warned nurses not to buy into the idea of ex-president Mahama promising them jobs when he deliberately ignored them as President of Ghana.

In a statement issued by Mr. Owusu, he noted that prior to the 2016 elections, President Mahama boldly told nursing trainees that 'his government will never support them with any allowances and they can collectively vote against him'.

He however wondered what has informed Mr. Mahama to take this turn after being insensitive towards them.

Full statement below...

I could only burst into an endless laughter hearing ex President Mahama promising trainee nurses, 'so called jobs' upon his unattainable second coming. A promise I find illogical, laughable and out of desperation to seek political power only to loot and do more damage.

But, if he has forgotten, let me remind him; prior to the 2016 elections, he consistently told these nursing trainees, 'his government will never support them with any allowances and they can collectively vote against him'.

Mr. Mahama as President clearly showed how insensitive he was towards the concerns of nursing trainees and so, what has changed now? How could he promise these trainees jobs after completion, when he in all insensitivity did not support their their education? What kind of jobs would he offer them, if I may know?

Fortunately for these nursing students and the well meaning Ghanaians, he lost miserably and these nursing trainee allowances which he cancelled have been restored by the Akufo Addo led government. A move that has come to reduce the heavy burden on our brothers and sisters in the nursing training and their parents as well.

So, I find it laughable and see it as a move out of desperation by Ex President Mahama to deceitfully promise these trainees jobs after school. Now he is in opposition, so he may find huge monies to pay these trainees, but, could never find any to pay a mere allowance to support our friends in this noble professional training. His records as a President are parallel to what he is promising now.

Again, I wish Mr. Mahama knows that the Akufo Addo led government has employed a number of nurses he could not employ during his unfortunate stay in power. He must equally be updated that, plans are underway to employ a lot of these nurses. So, it would be best he finds a message, because his records are known and on that, nobody can trust him.

It is also important that, Mr. Mahama and the few who may deceitfully fall for his desperate promises know that President Akufo Addo cares and has a strategic plan to get you all employed. The President has demonstrated that, by restoring your allowances in full and employing over 16,000 nurses within his 20 months in power, an unprecedented number Mahama could only dream he employed under his entire period in power.

I will like to advise former president to protect the little dignity he has left by not talk on this subject matter, because his insensitivity towards these trainees has left his credibility tattered on this issue.


Andy Owusu
Aide, Ashanti Regional Chairman, NPP