Hypocrisy Will Kill Fmr President Mahama And The NDC, APJ Replies Agyenim Boateng

Selective Amnesia seems to be the disease of the Opposition NDC and their level of hypocrisy has also reached its peak.

Action Patriots For Justice, (APJ ) is totally scandalized to read from the social media, a purported press statement coming from the office of the former president signed by Agyenim Boateng, his spokesperson

The release sort to give a funny impression that, his Excellency, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has disgraced his office as the vice president citing a video Dr Bawumia is seen calling someone as "Incompetent" and his intention of coming back as surprising. Although in the video Dr. Bawumia did not mention any name, Mr. Mahama and his agents accepted the name “incompetent” as theirs. Isn’t it funny?

The statement is not only in bad taste, but also full of invectives, on the reputation of the vice president.

Dr. Bawumia is heard in a video describing the former president as incompetent and that has provoked the NDC to come out with this press release and APJ is of the view that, it is unnecessary and uncalled for.

If the former president was competent, will he have been voted out of offce?
It will be very useful for the purpose of this argument, to find out, the meaning of "incompetent" as used by Dr. Bawumia.
Incompetent simply means; not having the skill or ability to do your job or task, as it should be done.

Now lets interrogate the issues.

Why was the former president voted out of Office?

Because fmr president Mahama lacks the skill and the ability to do his job as president, hence his defeat in the 2016 general elections.

So is Dr Bawumia wrong if he describes former prez Mahama as "Incompetent? Is it an attack or insult?

Or Dr Bawumia described prez Mahama exactly on his performance.

Hypocritically, Agyenim Boateng has soon forgotten that, his NDC, has labelled the current government, which Dr Bawumia is the vice president as "Supper Incompetent" which means worse in its meaning than Incompetent alone.

NPP has never complained or issued a statement to that effect, because, NPP believes, Ghanaians are the better Judges.

Former president Mahama recently said in response to Dr Bawumia that, " Any economics can organize economic lectures. What is the fmr president trying to insinuate? Is this a decorous comment to make about a sitting vice president from a fmr president?

Again, fmr president Mahama described the view of the NPP, then in opposition concerning his intention to use our cocoa as equilateral for a loan as balony, in other words; foolish and senseless. Where was the NDC and the issuer of this press statement?

In broad day light, former president Mahama told Dr Bawumia, then in opposition and all Ghanaians to shut up on criticizing him, because we haven't been presidents before. Isn't this disrespecting and reckless? where was Agyenim Boateng?

We find some portions of the press statement insulting, immature and irresponsible, and if former president Mahama and his NDC are allowed to continue in this manner, APJ is afraid, it won't augur well for our multi party democracy.

APJ is solidly behind the vice president in his line of duty.

We believe Dr Bawumia is genius and a good economical asset to Ghana and APJ won't sit on the fence for the NDC or anybody to dent his reputation and image.

We will end by quoting some portions of their own statement back to them and I paraphrase: Let the NDC also be reminded that, respect for political office holders is earned, if the NDC chooses to play it dirty, the NDC will get it in equal measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over.

Let Justice prevail and there will be peace in our political circles.

Long Live Ghana!!!

Long Live Dr Mahamudu Bawumia!!!

Long Live APJ!!!

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