FAKE NEWS: Actor Lil Win Hasn't Knocked Down Anyone At Peace FM

Reports indicating that Kumawood actor, Kwadwo Nkansah aka Lil Win has knocked down a pedestrian with his car at Peace FM premises is completely false and pure fabrication.

News went viral that the actor who was at the media station, knocked down "unidentified persons with his customized black Chevrolet Camaro on Monday afternoon at Peace FM Ship house car park".

According to the false reportage, the actor was caught "explaining to the receptionist at the front desk of Peace FM...he was parking his car when he heard a guy screaming for help claiming he has knocked him down".

The writer behind the story was on Monday, October 29, 2018 caught red-handed publishing the story online for mischief purposes.

She had come to Peace FM on that fateful day under the false pretence that she was a visitor looking for someone at the media station, and had comfortably taken a seat at the reception purposely waiting for Lil Win.

It had previously been announced that the actor will be at the station that day. And as Lil Win appeared at the station, she begun to secretly take a video of him at the reception. 

Her surreptitious action caught the eye of the actor who respectfully asked her to delete it for personal security reasons.

Assuring the actor that she has deleted the video, she later asked to snap pictures with him but unknowingly to him, the girl had saved the video on her phone and attached a story broadcasting it online.

Minutes later and to the utter shock of Lil Win and every person around, the girl had quickly written and published on a portal, a story with the caption; "Breaking!!! Kwadwo Nkansah Lil Win Knocks a Guy down with his Customized Car at Peace Fm (video)"; a story she wrote while still at Peace FM premises.

Subsequently, she was interrogated by management of Despite Media Group (DMG) on her exact mission to the station and motive behind the story which she admitted that she wrote to tarnish the image of the actor.

According to her, she has a blog site and needed to desperately direct traffic to her site in order to "trend".

When further asked why she would write a false story because it didn't happen and also the actor didn't come to the station with the abovementioned car, she started to cook up reasons that even defy logic.