I Shoot Movies For ‘Free’ – Actress

In the wake of the discussions surrounding how the Ghana movie industry is gradually dying off, actress Jessica Williams has revealed that she has shot a couple of movies for free just to keep the industry alive, stressing that it is what they in the movie industry call an occupational hazard

Jessica Williams in the conversation with Zionfelix, the managing editor of zionfelix.net made the point that she is not shy to admit she has shot a couple of movies for ‘free’ even though not entirely free because things are not too sound financially currently in the country.

Jessica added that there has been a lot of instances where producers of movies will approach her and make her aware of the fact that they don’t have the capital to pay her on the spot like earlier but they have the desire to shoot movies to keep the dying industry alive. She further reveals that such producers give her the assurance to pay her once the movies are sold or they get sponsorships for the movies. Jessica adds that with such cases, what she usually do is to go into a contract with such producers, with the assurance that she will get her to pay when they sell the movies or the sponsorship comes in.

The beautiful actress whose real name is actually Joyce also told Zionfelix that even though the system is not too good, she has shot about five or six movies this year. She further revealed that aside movies, she does auditing of accounts for her dad because she learnt accounting in school.

Watch the full interview below…