VIDEO: Hannah Bissiw Told To Learn From Kate Gyamfua

The newly elected Women’s Organiser for the National Democratic Congress, Hannah Bissiw, has incurred the wrath of Mr. Andy Owusu, following the treads of attacks she has been unleashing on President Akufo-Addo and key members of the New Patriotic Party.

In a statement issued by Mr. Owusu, he advised the former Deputy Minister of Food and Agriculture to learn from Madam Kate Gyamfua, the NPP’s Women's Organiser who has has raised the bar when it comes to women who are using their position to impact positively on society.

Below is the full statement


The women's organiser of every political party is expected to be a person who has exhibited or exhibits some level of maturity, decorum and some exceptional leadership qualities.

This is imperative because of their key engagements, undertakings and roles in our collective development. Some include;

1. Engaging Queen Mothers and other matured women groups in our society

2. Mentoring children to be disciplined to fit well with our Ghanaian norms and culture.

3. Acting as role models to our girls and directing them to be responsible citizens etc.

Fortunately for the NPP, Mama Kate, who exhibits most of the above qualities was elected. She is a woman who is clearly an embodiment of maturity and portrays the Ghanaian norms and culture.

A woman who has the capacity to mobilize the teaming young girls, act as a role model and equally have the greatest respect of our Queen Mothers and women groups nationwide.

A woman who has a kind heart, gives generously and will not out of cruelty enter a hospital to take back any donations she may have donated regardless of what.

But, sadly for our local political organisation, the NDC, elected Hanna Bissiw, a person who lacks maturity, not because of her young age, but, her conducts. We have all known her records as a deputy minister, her arrogance and how disrespectful she has always been and also, how heartlessly she went back for beds she donated to a hospital when she lost her seat.

A heartless exhibitions the hospital and the sick people who were sleeping on those beds can never forget.

It is unfortunate for our political development as a country for a party like the NDC to elect such disrespectful, heartless and arrogant personality to lead its women wing. It's not a good example.

It should be noted that not only will her immaturity, disrespectful and arrogance affect the NDC, but, she will be a bad example to the younger ones. The young ladies in the NDC would not be privileged to learn how to act in decency but, may be indoctrinated into being arrogant, heartless and loose talkers like Hannah Bissiw.

We may all remember how Hannah Bissiw went to take back beds she donated to a hospital when she lost her seat. She showed her cruelty, arrogance and lack of maturity at that instant. She showed how heartless she could be by taking beds from sick people.


How can such a personality lead the women group of the NDC? I feel so sorry for the NDC.

To the NDC, the harm may have been already caused, but, you can take her through training to develop her a bit before she starts to indoctrinate your teaming young ladies badly.

Andy Owusu