SHS Students Accused Of Raping Female Teachers, Teachers' Wives

The Headmaster of the Nkwanta Senior High School (SHS), Paul Boafo Nyarko has alleged that the wives of teaching staff, as well as some female teachers, were raped last Tuesday by students during riots at the school.

According to him, as a result,  the teachers are not psychologically ready to return to the classrooms on Monday and will need a one-month period to recover from the trauma.

He said: "Going as far as raping teacher's wives, raping female teachers on campus, so they (the teachers) have gone through a lot of psychological trauma.

"So before even they can go and stand in front of the students and teach them, they need a psychotherapist to come and take them through all those things so that they will be able to re-psyche themselves before they can go back to the classrooms".

A Business Accounting teacher of the school, Felix Owusu Gyimah also explained that the teachers have petitioned against the re-opening date because of threats against their safety by the students.

"We can't go and stand in front of them and be teaching, whiles a student will be threatening to kill the teacher just because he's ensuring that the right thing is done...," Mr Gyimah said in an interview with Joy FM.

"Notwithstanding that fact, you just have a look at the properties that were destroyed, both government and personal properties that have been destroyed.

"At least there should be a solution or there should be an issue at stake that once this issue has happened, the elders will put things in place in order to ensure an amicable solution so that when we teach them we will be able to teach them with all our hearts and minds".


The Nkwanta SHS located in the Volta Region was closed down temporarily following the destruction of school properties by some rampaging students of the school on Monday, October 29, 2018.

The students went on the rampage after some teachers seized their mobile phones during a roll call in some of the dormitories.

Among the properties vandalised are three staff bungalows, 26 motorbikes belonging to teachers, five vehicles, including a pick-up, two school buses, a tipper truck and a car belonging to the Nkwanta Divisional Police Commander.

The rampaging students also destroyed the school’s water systems and ECG meters, leading to a power outage and the cessation of water supply to the school.

In addition, whiteboards in the classrooms were destroyed by the students.