The Man Who Turned Himself Into A Woman On Social Media - PHOTOS

His name is Wisdom - a man, but he has turned himself into a woman on Facebook with the name Danado Lizzy.

Jailed 14 months at the Winneba Local Prison, Wisdom has succeeded in duping many men in Europe of thousand of dollars, building for himself a house and some stores.

Anytime any of her victims decide to come to Ghana to formally propose marriage to her, he comes up with many excuses and succeeds in picking up quarrels with them just to drive them away.

Luck however eluded him when a taxi driver who thought she was a beautiful lady and tried to rape her realised this 'lady' was a man. The driver alerted a passing Police Patrol Team who arrested him. We hope no one has fallen victim to her tricks? These are the miscreants who deserve prison sentences and not those who are forced in there.