‘Juju’ In Football Is Real . . . Even Ronaldo Uses It – Langabel

Superstition plays a very big part in the lives of many footballers. Some have lucky pairs of underwear that they swear by.

Why would you change them if the team keeps on winning?

Black Stars cheer leader, Joseph Langabel has questioned after insisting that black magic also known as 'juju' plays a major role in the Black Stars camp.         

Langabel who was speaking on UTV’s morning show ‘Adekye Nsroma’ was emphatic that, the issue of 'juju' or 'ways and means' of winning football matches has taken a centre stage in our local football and it is creating a lot of problems in the minds of many football loving fans in Ghana.

According to him, even though the practice is “worrying”, footballers cannot do without 'juju' most especially when it’s helping them to win matches.

He however mentioned former Ghana’s number one goalie, Richard Paul Franck Kingson affectionately called ‘Olele Kingson’ among many others who seeked spiritual backing during their playing days.

“My brother, juju in football is not a joke, it’s real. Even in the Black Star camp we have it there. If the player will not go for the juju, someone will approach you and do it for you,” Langabel said. 

“Do you remember Olele? Do you remember how skillful he was during his playing time; he was using spirits in the post. Even Cristiano Ronaldo use juju,” he added. 

He also recalled that, in the late 70’s, players of Glorious Accra Hearts Of Oak failed to score a goal against their Guinean counterparts Hafia in an Africa Cup all because a spiritualist had told them and player who put the ball at the back of their opponents net will die.