Morris Babyface Release Single For Valentine

Valentine is known all over the world as a season of expressing love. Diverse cultures and systems have different ways of marking this special season. The entertainment industry is one of the highest beneficiaries of this love season. Event organizers and music makers prime up the list. Lots of events are pulled up to celebrate this season, Artistes also release special songs for this special season and hence their benefit from the season. This year promises nothing different as major event organizers have started mounting up for the valentine season and out of the blue the critically acclaimed ace musician and beat maker Morris Babyface has released a Valentine Single that features the �RAP DOCTOR�. The track titled �VALENTINE� is a smooth reggae upbeat, with a sense of soul and a little touch of jazzy pendants. Morris starts the song with his silky voice and does most of the verses, the �RAP DOCTOR� glees the song to perfection with his timely rhythmic essence and rhyme. The track is 3 minutes 47 seconds long and it�s clinically mastered by Morris Babyface. The message spells out a lovers (male) quest to convince his lover to forgive him for leaving her behind and to further intimate how much he loves her and hence the lines �YOU ARE MY VALENTINE�. Morris does all his lines in English and Okyeame Kwame complements his distinct Twi lyrics with three lines in English to sum up the totality of the track. Now that the green flag is raised, the airwaves will soon be flooded with valentine tunes from all sides of the industry. Well, we here at Africanpromo can�t wait. LET�S GO VALENTINE! 2010!