REJOINDER: Chinese Firm Takes Over Planters Capital Microfinance


We are writing to you in reference to the recent article of Daily Wads “Chinese Firm Takes Over Planters Capital Microfinance“ which was publish on PEACEFMONLINE.COM on 20 September 2018.

PLANTERS CAPITAL is deeply concerned by the content of the article which is largely inaccurate and portrays a very negative image of the company which is against the rules of Bank of Ghana.

This has compelled us to write a rejoinder to address a few misconceptions created by the publication on your online news portal. 

Please we want to inform you that Daily Wads is not a Chinese owned company but rather 100percent Ghanaians owned that has shown interest in Sunyani based microfinance company, Planters Capital, as stated in your said story.

The rules of the Bank of Ghana do not permit foreign company taking over Ghanaian Microfinance Company which the management of Planters Capital are aware and will not go contrary to this rule. The headline and paragraph one of the story has created problem between Planters Capital  and the Bank of Ghana.

To explain further, Daily Wads which has shown interest in Planters Capital has its Managing Director as Mr. Asafo Agyei who also signed agreement with Africa China Union (ACU) to collaborate to create access and platforms for business in Ghana to do business with firms in China. And this was done on the same day at the same ceremony, a picture of that agreement is what you used in your online story.

Sir, we would like to draw your attention to this and correct the misinterpretation that has created by your online story on the smooth transaction by two Ghanaian owned companies.

And hope our submission would be taken in good faith as we do not seek to attack the writer but to clarify the issues raised about Daily Wads in particular and to get Bank of Ghana settled with their rules.


Sammy Agyei

Media & Communications Manager

Tel: +233 243807058 / +233 275807058