No Need For Constitution Overhaul - Prof Kwaku Azar

Professor Kwaku Asare, popularly known as Kwaku Azar, a fellow of the Center for Democratic Development (CDD) and a lawyer says there is no need to change the 1992 constitution of Ghana despite calls for it to be done.

Some Ghanaians have been calling for the restructuring of the constitution. According to them, it has served its purpose and needs to be changed.

Political Science Lecturer, Prof Ransford Edward Gyampo at a lecture said "the 1992 Constitution and Constitutionalism in Ghana’, the Political Academician said study shows that even though the Constitution has served Ghanaians well it nevertheless contains provisions that do not only hinder the maturation of the democratization process, but also undermine constitutionalism in many profound ways".

“There was a constitutional review process that has been stored. Let us rekindle that process and ensure that process gets to its finality to give us a fine tune constitution that has the teeth and that has the checks and balances that would ensure that there’s constitutionalism,” he added.

However, Prof Azar speaking to Kwami Sefa Kayi in a one-on-one interview on Peace FM's morning show 'Kokrokoo', Monday said there will be no need for an overhaul.

"There is no mechanism in the constitution that allows a total overhaul..." he noted.

Listen to this explanation in the video below