China Fully Supports Ghana’s 1D1F - Chinese Ambassador

China’s ambassador to Ghana Mr Shi Ting Wang says his country has taken a keen interest in the Ghana government’s industrialization policy of one district one factory and fully supports its operation.

He cited China’s show of support to the 1D1F policy by the massive investments of Chinese companies in the manufacturing industry in Ghana.

One such example, according to the Chinese ambassador, is KEDA Ceramics, also known as Twyford ceramics factory in Aboadzi.

The ambassador was speaking on Tuesday in Aboadzi, near Shama district in the Western region during the President’s working visit to the Chinese local tiles manufacturing company as part of his western regional tour this week.

Phase two of the operations of Twyford ceramics manufacturing company is expected to take off in September 2019.

This was the President’s second working visit to the Twyford ceramics factory. President Akufo Addo inaugurated phase one of the factory’s operations in January 2018.

The Chinese ambassador praised the President and government of Ghana for the 1D1F industrial policy and pledged ” I will continue to invite Chinese investors to Ghana to repeat a good example of Twyford ceramic factory in our effort to support Ghana beyond aid and 1D1F initiative of the Government of Ghana”.

The ambassador also commended the Chinese local manufacturer of tiles for setting a good example for Chinese companies in Ghana

”Twyford Ceramics factory is a powerful example of successful Chinese investment in Ghana as well as a demonstration of China and Ghana corporation and friendship”.